5 Reasons You Should Use Natural, Organic Skincare Products

Written by Julia Dunbar, Owner of Georgia May Skincare

Written by Julia Dunbar, Owner of Georgia May Skincare

1. The beauty industry is extremely unregulated.

The beauty industry in the United States is so under regulated it makes labels difficult to trust. The EU has banned over 1000 ingredients and in contrast, the US has only banned 11 of those ingredients. Some of the harmful ingredients found in products include lead, parabens, phthalates, nitrosamines, fragrance, parfum and many more! They are known to have a negative affect on our bodies, endocrine system, reproductive system, organs and it doesn’t stop there. These not only have an impact on your health, but can impact your baby if you are pregnant.

Even products that claim to be “all natural” are filled with toxic ingredients. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it shouldn’t be going on your skin.

The wonderful thing is you don’t need these toxic filled products. Our body can heal, flourish and thrive with simple, wholesome ingredients.

2. What you put on your skin is directly linked to your bloodstream, affecting your organs and entire body.

Skincare is a vital component to optimal health. Skin is the body’s largest organ and it’s first line of defense.  So it only makes sense to pay attention to what is directly applied to the skin. Skin is highly absorbent and anything applied to your skin is soon found in the bloodstream. To better visualize this, just think about nicotine and birth control patches. Skin requires daily cleaning and hydration with organic and all natural ingredients that mimic and support the skin’s bio-chemical composition.

Many of the topical applications on the market today are directly linked to numerous illnesses and diseases because of low quality, synthetic and preservative rich ingredients. To maintain healthy skin it should be free of chemicals. Again, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient then it should not be going onto your skin.

We want to avoid any products that contain unhealthy chemicals. Read your product labels diligently and choose organic, natural and pure ingredients sourced from the earth. I can’t stress enough how this is imperative to our health and well-being.

It’s upsetting that today we live in a high tech multidimensional informative world yet many are so misinformed. My wellness company “Georgia May” wants to help those willing to pursue health make the necessary changes in order to achieve optimum health benefits from the inside out.

To summarize, choosing plant-based ingredients will only add to your life in a positive way by reducing the toxic chemical intake we are already receiving through the environment.

4. It is affecting not only our bodies but our planet.

The chemicals in products not only affect our body but also our planet. Toxins in mainstream products are making their way into our water, negatively affecting the environment.  These chemicals are disrupting the circle of life in our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. We not only have to be diligent about but goes in our products but also how they are packaged. Many products are manufactured in plastic bottles, rather than sustainable, environmental friendly packaging. How can you make a difference? Take a simple approach and try to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Choose products that follow the same philosophy and you can make a positive affect on our planet.

5. Using plant-based beauty products are an ancient tradition.

With the information overload we have going on in the world today, constantly on digital devices, most of us are over- stimulated. It can be a good thing to have all these resources but it can also become exhausting. I for one have longed for simpler times, where everything was sourced directly from the earth, and was not being mass-produced. We can connect to that again, but it must be a choice to take simpler route. We need to strip away the things that are not positive on our mind and body.

Consciously making choices we know make a positive impact mentally and physically. I have always been drawn to holistic care and taking care of the mind, body and spirit naturally. As a child, I would see my mother and my grandmother using various carrier and essential oils on their skin. Carrier and essential oils are derived from flowers and plants. Nature has supplied us with these precious resources to help us live healthy.

Essential oils are so calming and healing, so adding them to my skincare line was a no-brainer.  The goal of my company, Georgia May, is to provide healthy choice alternatives for wholesome living. Products from Georgia May will consist of high quality organic ingredients devoid of preservatives that will promote and encourage health.  With the use of our various carrier and essential oil in our products, clients will enjoy refreshed moisturized skin protected from damaging environmental and free radical agents.

So where do you start if you want to get into a healthier lifestyle?

A great first step is becoming aware. Becoming aware of what you are purchasing and realizing good health doesn’t just happen on its own.  Choose to add sustainable, pure, and natural ingredients to your daily lifestyle. You have the power to change and heal, one product at a time.

I am an overall health conscious woman inspired to spread the word of holistic health and wellness. I practice and teach yoga and try to instill the word “simplicity” in whatever I do. I truly believe the future is weeding out products that take away from the beauty of the universe.

Simplicity is making it’s way back in today’s society. A great start is to start choosing sustainable, pure, and natural ingredients to your daily lifestyle. You have the power to change and heal, one product at a time. My mantra is embracing health simply and naturally. Let’s stand up for change and make conscious choices for ourselves and the world.


About the Author

Julia is the owner of Georgia May. Her passion is to help people learn to cleanse and elevate their mind, body, and spirit through yoga, skincare, and holistic care.

She trained with Pranic Soul RYT 200 hour. Julia feels a calling to help individuals grow, conquer, and overcome obstacles. By activating the joy and love that comes from within, inner peace and happiness can be obtained! Yoga is just one of the many paths for achieving overall health. Julia and her family also own and operate Georgia May skincare. They provide quality products free of harsh chemicals that damage skin and negatively impact overall health. 

I am rooted but I flow –Virginia Woolf

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