Fit9 x The Fit Atlanta Event Recap

By: @adashofnutmegg

Hello all Fit Atlanta friends! A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to try out Fit9…I know you’ve all seen the beautiful pictures and you probably follow them on Instagram even if you don’t work out there (guilty). But if you don’t, Fit9 is a workout studio that focuses on full body workouts & boxing!

Some of The Fit Atlanta tribe got together for a class and to meet each other in real life.

Driving to the class, I was a bundle of nerves—I was about to meet a bunch of fitness influencers and take a super hard class! I was wondering if I could even keep up or if I’d be the worst one there.

Luckily for me, I wasn’t the only newbie and I didn’t suck. The class was broken up into 4 parts: Running on the SkillMill, weights, skills on the SkillMill, such as sled pushes, and boxing!

Once the workout started my worries flew out the window, mostly because there was no time to be self-conscious when trying to figure out how to run on this weird treadmill contraption.

At the end of the class felt empowered while punching the bag and even though I was a sweaty mess, I felt so good!

It’s so important to switch up your routine, whether it be for mental dexterity, getting over a plateau or meeting new friends at a different gym!

Side Note—All of The Fit Atlanta ladies were so amazing and we all enjoyed sweating it out together. Having fitness in common with friends can be rare, so it was really great to meet these ladies!

I love trying out different classes because I can definitely get into a workout rut, which is so NOT motivating!

Try something new and shock your body, it’s the best way to see real change. I’d encourage you all to try out Fit9, the classes are killer but make you feel like a badass!

More events are going down in 2018! Stay tuned!

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