5 Tips on how to Manage your Week with Health, Fitness, and Social

So much to do so little time… do find yourself thinking this a lot?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and 7 days in the week. It is how we manage this time that makes the difference.  If you are a go-getter goal setter (which I know you are) you have so much you want to accomplish in the week. Balancing health, fitness, AND a social life can make your head spin, which is why it is important to take a step back and dive into some tips to best manage your time. Follow these few steps and I know your goals will be reached, stress will be lowered, and your friends won’t think you fell off the face of the earth. #MOOD


Here are 5 tips to manage your week like a rockstar:


Social Media Awareness

You check your notifications and all of a sudden an hour goes by and you are scrolling through your ex’s photos… this has all happened to us before—and it’s got to stop. For a lot of us social media is very useful and plays a huge part in our goals and brand building. If we are growing a business, it could be a main source of our efforts, but social media has its way of sucking our time and our motivation.

Tip: Give yourself dedicated social media time during the day.  Set your timer and get your work done, catch up on your feed and then say adios for the day. It will free up hours of your time. You can also schedule some posts ahead of time so you can steer clear when you need to really focus. (Have you tried Planoly? It’s amazing for scheduling content.)


THE Non-Negotiable To Do List

We all know what we want to get done and sometimes these thoughts can be kept swirling in our heads. Writing down our to-dos at the beginning of the week and prioritizing them will allow us to physically see what it is we want to get done.  Turning our thoughts into a visual piece is so powerful, ya know? Make a few non-negotiables and be easy on yourself if you do not get them all done. We are human, remember?

Tip: Have a special notebook where you can keep your priorities or download an app like Trello. Get excited about your why’s for these to-do’s they do not seem like “tasks”.


Commit to Fitness

The biggest excuse for not working out is “I don’t have time”.  In reality, we all have the same amount of time, but it is about what we make a priority.  Making fitness one of the non-negotiable priorities is so important for your health and mental well-being. Take a look at your upcoming week and decide which days you will will get your sweat on.

Tip: Signing up for classes allows you to stay accountable.  Join a local studio or classpass where you can easily change it up to have fun with what you are doing. There are so many amazing Atlanta fitness studios that offer some really great classes. Most importantly, stay up to date with The Fit Atlanta events and follow The Fit Atlanta on IG for event announcements!


Prepare Your Food Options

Grocery shopping can take a huge chunk of our time when we don’t know what we want and can’t decide on what to eat. Preparing a plan for ourselves can help speed up this process so we don’t waste 15 minutes staring into the light of the fridge. Of course meal prepping is the best way to be prepared for the week, but we all know this can be a daunting task.

Tip: Keep a go-to grocery list of healthy items you can always refer back to to your shopping trips are efficient.  Instacart is a great option if you do not want to actually go to the grocery store. Use a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh, or Daily Harvest delivered right to your door.  Another tool I use is a go-to list of healthy spots in the area I can always count on.  Some examples are Upbeet, Kale Me Crazy, or Whole Foods.


Combine your To-Do’s

The best way to get the most done in our weeks is to create a fusion for ourselves.  If we can combine things in our schedule, we can get more done, free up some time, and make some of the not so fun tasks way more enjoyable.

Tip: Invite a friend to a workout class, or take a hike and Stone Mountain together when you want to catch up. Having a meal prep party with a few friends could make a daunting task a lot more fun… plus amen to splitting the washing, chopping and cooking duties.

Overall your time is precious, and as cliche as it sounds, nothing is more important than being in the moment. If I leave with you one thing it is to enjoy every moment and don’t get stuck on your to do list so much that you don’t enjoy the process.

Happy goal crushing!

About the Author

Carly Mearman, from Naturally Carly, is a certified health coach, NASM certified personal trainer and NASM certified weight-loss specialist. She runs her coaching practice Naturally Carly to help women shift their mindset around food and discover tools to reach their goal weight, health, and most importantly maintain healthy habits for life. Originally from New England, Carly relocated to Atlanta 3 years ago and fell in love with the southern culture and fitness scene. You can find her practicing yoga, baking paleo treats, or dancing at a local music show.

You can find her at www.naturallycarly.com

Instagram: @naturally.carly

Facebook: @NaturallyCarly

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