City Surf Fitness Studio X The Fit Atlanta Event Recap!

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The latest Fit Atlanta event was held at City Surf Fitness in Midtown. If you haven’t been, City Surf is exactly what you think it might be… a fitness class on a surfboard! I promise it’s not as crazy as it seems.

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The event was also my first class and I honestly had no idea what to expect (although I had thoroughly stalked on IG). Now that I think about it, I’ve been introduced to quite a few studios through The Fit Atlanta.

When you walk into City Surf, you are greeted with an inviting beach-y smell and gorgeous palm leaf wall. Talk about #InstaGoals!

After mingling for a few, we headed into the studio.

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The class incorporated exercises for the whole body all while engaging the core. It takes a lot of core strength to balance on the board while lunging and jumping around! We used a bungee cord for resistance training and weights for more of a push. Totally a full body workout.  

I will admit, I was nervous I was going to fall off of the board while doing a move and then embarrass myself. Luckily, I got the hang of the board super quick and everyone was so welcoming that if I did fall off it wouldn’t have been embarrassing at all!

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Our instructor, Sara Ellen, was super engaging, funny and helpful. She often provided modifications for injuries and more advanced options of seasoned surfers. On a more personal note, I loved her playlist!

After the class there were 2 awesome vendors there for us to sample their product. Golda Kombucha brought growlers of their yummy buch for us to taste. Kea Beverages also brought their juices and a few cold brew coffees for us to take home! My favorite juice was carrot! Of course, there was a great swag bag and I can’t wait to get into those samples and coupons.

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Oh, the best part was Amber McDonnell was there taking pics! Always love having fun fitness pics to post.

Hope you see you all at the next event!


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