21 Biohacks to Jumpstart the New Year!

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What is Holistic Biohacking?

Biohacking across the spectrum of health and interventions to upgrade the mind, body and spirit – from naturopathy to nutrigenomics to quantifiable biofeedback methods.

This is the method that local biohacking expert Kayla Osterhoff, MPH, PhDc practices. Below are her favorite biohacks along with how they benefit the mind, body, and spirit for you to try:

JOURNAL   >>  change your thought patterns

MEDITATE  >>  higher consciousness

MOVE YOUR BODY  >>  create a strength and resilience

NATURAL SUNLIGHT  >>  balance hormones and improve mood

GROUNDING  >>  fight inflammation and improve energy

FAT COFFEE  >>  turn on your brain

INTERMITTENT FASTING  >>  cellular cleansing and higher performance

NOOTROPICS  >>  turn up your brain and optimize your energy

ADAPTOGENS  >>  support stress response and fight fatigue

SPRING WATER  >>  un-process and detox your water

EAT MORE FAT  >>  sustainable fuel for the body and brain

COCONUT CHARCOAL  >>  detox and hangover cure

GENETIC TESTING  >>  put your health data to action

SLEEP TRACKING  >>  improve sleep quality and test interventions

HOUSE PLANTS  >>  natural healing and mood boosting

BLUE LIGHT  >>  balance circadian rhythm and energy

ESSENTIAL OILS  >>  fight stress, reduce blood pressure

BINAURAL BEATS  >>  relax, get in flow and reduce anxiety

RED LIGHT  >>  restore, regenerate and improve performance

EMF MITIGATION  >>  protect against disease

FLOAT  >>  relax, de-stress and recover faster

Learn about these biohacks here

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