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The Daily, a pilates and HIIT fitness studio, has caught the eyes of many throughout Atlanta since its opening in 2015. There are so many fitness studios that offer all kinds of classes, sometimes often making it difficult to choose. As Atlanta’s fitness channel, we wanted to learn more about The Daily and why YOU should pick them for your next workout class. We had the privilege of talking with pilates enthusiast, Lily Dawson, founder of The Daily, to discuss her unique workouts, special events, plans for the future, and celebrity sightings in studio (Vampire Diaries anyone?) Check out the interview below and learn more about Lily and her studio at


Neighborhood: West Midtown and Inman Park

Owner: Lily Dawson

Address: (Click here for parking instructions)

West Midtown: 981 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard #108 Atlanta, GA 30318

Inman Park: 900 Dekalb Avenue NE #600 Atlanta, GA 30307

Phone: West Midtown (404) 549-7803 | Inman Park (404) 254-0167

Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-9pm | Sat-Sun 7am -7pm

Lily Dawson, founder of The Daily

Lily Dawson, founder of The Daily

What makes your studio stand out from others?

I’d start with our aesthetics, the neutral, calming color scheme at each location was thoughtfully chosen to make clients feel welcome and at peace. Each space was designed with skylights to create a well lit, energized space to encourage an uplifting experience. Our team is especially welcoming and passionate about creating a quality wellness experience. There is a strong emphasis on proper form and alignment since my background is in physical therapy and chiropractic care. Not only are classes designed to make you look good but to feel good outside the studio as well.

How long has your studio been in business?

Our first location on the Westside opened in September 2015 so we’re approaching 4 years!

What kind of classes do you offer at your studio?

A variety of Pilates Reformer classes and HIIT style cardio classes.

What results can clients expect from your workout?

Our workouts are specifically designed to help you mentally and physically. With regular visits expect to stand taller, move smarter and feel better in your body. Our style encourages long lean muscle tone over bulk with a strong emphasis on core, alignment and mindful breath work.

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops we should know about?

Our next Pilates Teacher Training begins soon! We thrive off creating thoughtfully crafted programs to educate and create incredibly talented instructors We try and hold these 2x a year. We also plan on continuing with our prenatal and postpartum workshops so make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates!

Have you ever had any celebrity sightings in your studio? Give us the scoop!

Lots! Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder were probably the most fun to work with, so sweet seeing couples sweat together.

How do you give back to the community? Any charities you support?

Absolutely, we love being a part of the many charities in Atlanta. Personally I’m  extremely passionate about Cure Childhood Cancer having lost a childhood bestie to ewing’s sarcoma.

What should a first-time client know before attending class?

Plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to allow plenty of time for parking and introducing yourself to the instructor. If new to Pilates we recommend beginning with our intro class, Foundations, or scheduling a private session. Always let your instructor know of any injuries or soreness, we’re here to help and trained to do so! (Check out more FAQs here)

Any big plans for the future for your studio?

I’d love to expand and continue to grow the Pilates community in Atlanta! When I first opened hardly anyone had tried Pilates, it has been SO much fun to watch this change over the years!

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