The 5 Best Boxing Studios in Atlanta for an Intense Workout

Woman practices boxing sequence at a local boxing studio.

Boxing workouts have made their way to the center stage as a mainstream workout in the last few years.

And it’s no wonder why – if you’re looking for a killer workout that’s sure to blast calories, get you sweating, and make you feel like a total bada**, a boxing workout will do all that and more.

Whether you’re ready to wrap ‘em up and work on your jab-cross sequence, or you just want an awesome workout that will torch calories and tone your body, you’ll want to check out one of these 5 best boxing studios in Atlanta.

Pepper Boxing Studio

A Nashville native and Atlantian transplant, Pepper Boxing Studio has quickly risen to the top when it comes to the best boxing studio right here in Atlanta.

Pepper Boxing offers guided workout classes in the world’s only circular classroom layout so you’ll never have to take your eyes off of your trainer. And that means no having to watch your (possibly) inexperienced neighbor teach you the proper form for boxing sequences.

Plus, you’ll have your own designated tear-drop shaped heavy bag (filled with water!) so you don’t have to worry about taking turns with the person next to you (and that means non-stop action during your workout).

Speaking of those tear-drop shaped bags.

If you’re wondering what those are for – they’re filled with about 190lbs of water. And that means less swinging around and more shock absorption, which is especially great if you’re just starting out with your first 1-2 sequences.

No worries if you feel intimidated before your first class. Since the studio’s dimly lit, you’ll only focus on your own personal space.

Ready to try your first 50-minute class? The first one’s only $5!

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Sweet Science Fitness 

Opened in 2009, Sweet Science is a premier boxing club in North Atlanta.

If you’re looking for a boxing gym that will really teach you the proper form and techniques for boxing, this is the place for you.

Sweet Science boasts a clean, safe, and non-intimidating gym so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get a great boxing workout with no judgement of your experience level.

They offer cardio boxing, fitness boxing, and advanced boxing classes. And if you’re looking to really feel like Rocky in the ring, you can sign up for their personal training classes.

All of the instructors at Sweet Science are USA Boxing Certified. And they know how to teach you proper boxing techniques, so you’ll get an awesome workout that can burn upwards of 1,000 calories per session.

Buckhead Fight Club

Boasting the best equipped boxing gym in the Atlanta area, Buckhead Fight Club is an excellent choice if you’re ready to hit ‘em with your best shot.

One of the few boxing studios in the country that are female built, owned, and operated, Buckhead Fight Club teaches you the right combinations to get you looking and feeling like a real fighter.

They offer a variety of classes including weight loss/core development classes, private lessons, martial arts, and fitness boxing.

And if you’re really looking to get serious, they also offer training for both amateur and professional competition boxing.

Ready to start? Your first class is free!

Vesta Movement

Another fitness studio that is female built, owned, and operated, Vesta Movement was founded by two friends who wanted to make sure women had a place to workout (and box!) without feeling intimidated.

You can choose from several different class types like HIIT or Kickboxing. Or, if you’re ready to get down and really meet your fitness goals, you can sign up for their personal training classes.

Either way, their 55 minute classes are designed to keep your blood pumping so you get a great workout each time.

In fact, their workouts are never repeated, so you don’t get bored, and your body won’t either.

You’ll feel great after every workout, and your body won’t get used to the same movements over and over, which means less chance of a plateau.

X3 Sports

With four different locations across Atlanta, X3 Sports is bound to have a studio near you. And the best part? You can choose from multiple classes based on your experience and fitness level.

X3 Sports categorizes their fitness classes based on their X1, X2, and X3 levels to make sure you’re getting the perfect workout no matter what fitness level you’re at.

You can choose from kickboxing and yoga at the X1 level. Advanced boxing and Muay Thai are at the X2 level. And MMA and Jiu Jitsu are at the X3 level.

To top it off, X3 Sports prides itself in its supportive community. You’ll feel like you’re part of a family, not just another member of a gym.

No matter what kind of boxing workout you’re looking for, one of these top 5 boxing studios in Atlanta will have your needs covered. Whether you’re looking for a serious boxing regimen or you’re looking for a fun new workout, these boxing studios have it!

Have you been to any of these 5 best boxing studios in Atlanta? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think!


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