Goal Setting For The Busy Girl Boss

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OMG it’s September. HOW. 3 months until 2018. This year has flown right on by. I actually made a goal in January to launch my 8 Week Wellness Challenge by March—but that didn’t happen.

But that’s okay!

It’s never to late to tackle a goal. At least that’s what I tell myself. And others.

Because, better late than never, amiright?

OK so let me share with you a 30 day challenge I’m doing—with hopes of actually checking off goals from my list.

I work a 9-5 corporate job. I side hustle my blog + fitness life. I prefer multiple streams of income and a multidimensional life. If I did the same thing ALL the time, I would die and actual death.

Anyways—my company has a monthly meeting that promotes positivity, happiness, wellness, perspective, etc.—it’s like a monthly wellness hour that covers different aspects in life, like (finance, health, mental health, goals, etc.) I’m ALL ABOUT THIS. And when we all get together it’s like the “work shields” come off, “humans” enter, and we exchange ideas, thoughts, questions, etc. Like—therapy, if you will.

So for September, our theme is the 30 Day Challenge. Sounds simple, right? It’s actually… if I dare say, challenging. HA.

This is how the 30 Day Challenge works—you choose a “thing” you’re going to do for the next consecutive 30 days. We’re inspired by this here TED talk and goes into more detail about how it changed this guy’s life.

Here are some examples of what my coworkers are doing for their 30 Day Challenge:

  • Using cash only—it’s proven you spend 30% less if you limit credit card use
  • No cheese (sounds impossible to me, but do you.)
  • Eat one healthy meal a day
  • Wake up an hour early for “me” time
  • Train for a half-marathon
  • Study 30min of a new language on duolingo.com
  • Write on my blog every working day, mon-fri (this one is mine)
  • Run every day
  • Declutter email every day
  • Call an old friend every day + rekindle friendships
  • Cut back on caffeine and increase water consumption
  • Yoga 3 times a week

We all message and support each other using Slack, too! It’s an awesome accountability system to help each other achieve our goals. Starting out fall in a positive light!

As mentioned, my goal is to write on my blog FROM SKINNY 2 STRONG (you’re here!) every day, Monday through Friday, for the next 30 days. I’m actually inspired by my boss who is an A-lister in the HR world, and he writes on his personal blog every day and has done so for the past 7-8 years. I know. That’s a shmack ton of writing.

But I’m competitive and I want to see what can come from it. Not saying I’m going to be an overnight success after 30days, but I know nothing bad can come from it. My boss says consistency with content is what sets apart the best from the rest.
So here I go. 

In addition to writing on my blog every day, I plan on:

  • Cultivating better pictures for FS2S and my social posts
  • Planning content ahead of time for blog and social
  • Launch 8 week wellness challenge (stay tuned!)
  • Participate in a local pop up event to network + promote challenge
  • Study NASM personal training certification (already in the works)
  • Develop more partnerships with brands + sponsored content

How do we set #GOALS for the busy #GIRLBOSS?!

Working a 9-5 while also working a side hustle is hard. But we can do it. It just takes time and dedication. How bad do you want it? Hmm….

I love the 30 day challenge my company introduced to me. I plan on doing this monthly and writing a list of things I want to accomplish each month and spend the next consecutive 30 days polishing those off. I think supporting your girls who have big goals is important, too. If you hustle, support your friends who hustle. Find an accountability group. Invite friends to join you in your 30 day challenge! Even if it is something as minute as giving up that extra cup of coffee or cheese on your salad.

Set goals that are S.M.A.R.T






Then check in with yourself at the end of 30 days.

So what are your goals? Leave them in the comments, I want to hear! And let’s keep each other accountable xoxo


About the Author

Elizabeth Dickerson is the creator and editor of one of Atlanta’s top fitness + wellness blogs, From Skinny 2 Strong. After competing in fitness competitions, traveling the country as an athlete for thriving supplement brands, and shaking the hands of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, she settled down to focus on true wellness, self-care, and using her influence to encourage others. As a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NASM Personal Trainer, and mental health awareness advocate, you’ll find Liz sharing content that helps others discover that fitness is more than counting calories and spending every waking moment in the gym. Follow Liz on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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