Workout Diaries: What’s a FlyBarre Class REALLY Like?



Studio: FlyWheel Buckhead

Class: Arms & Abs

Instructor: Elaine

So let me start off today’s blog with a brief intro. I am a local digital designer here in ATL, with a love of fitness. I am by no means super sporty or in shape, but I do love to try new and challenging classes! Through this blog, I’ll share my experiences at various studios and classes across the city. Hopefully, you come away feeling more informed, and excited to try new places too!

Today’s adventure took me to FlyBarre Buckhead.

Now I’ve been here many times for FlyWheel (their flagship indoor cycling class), but barre was new for me here. Now, I’m lucky because I work next door, which makes parking much easier. If you’ve never been to this location before, definitely allow time for figuring out the parking situation. It’s located right behind Capital Grille, with the best route being to turn right on to Boiling Way NE. Make an immediate left, and go under the pedestrian bridge. You’ll see signs.

Each class comes set up with a mat, ball, two large resistance bands and one smaller band for your legs. Before entering, you pick from various light to medium weights. I won’t lie, I went for the light weights (no judgement!).  The studio is small and intimate, with the mood lighting and EDM music I’ve come to expect from FlyWheel.


The Arms & Abs class began with a quick warm up using one of the resistance bands. This was not a simple-stretch-and-breathe type warm up. It was work! We jumped right into things after that.  Now, I’m used to more “traditional” barre classes, with a lot of pulsing and standing at the barre itself. FlyBarre was a bit different. There was a lot of band work, push ups (sooo many push ups) and crunches (sooo many crunches). Elaine provided a lot of innovative ways to work muscle groups. I’m thinking about getting me some of those bands now.

This class was challenging! I had to look at Elaine every now and again, because the cues got drowned out by the music. I also got a little bored with all of the crunches, but it is an abs class so…  I also would have liked more modifications for some of the moves. Overall though, this is a great class with good energy. You will for sure feel the burn. And that’s just what we’re going for right? 😉

The Quick and Dirty Review:

Rating: A

Studio: Super clean, great shower/changing room with plenty of amenities, free fruit and water! Can feel a little cliquey though. Parking can be difficult for first-timers.

Instructor: Executed well. Nothing out of the ordinary, but she did a good job.

Class: Challenging, but do-able (and worth it)

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.19.05 PM.png

About the Author

Anna Smith is a digital designer living here in Atlanta. She made ATL her home after residing in NYC and SC for a few years. These days, Anna is always looking for fun innovative ways to exercise.

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