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This is our 8th year in business and we have heard about 5,639 questions about spray tanning 😉 The process can be ridiculously nerve wrecking because who wants to get naked in front of a complete stranger?! Well, maybe if you buy me a few drinks first…Lol! But seriously, there have been so many misconceptions about airbrush tanning and we are here to help you out a little to navigate through this amazing world of glow. It was hard but we managed to narrow it down to our top 3.  

You’re welcome ☺ 

What is the difference in a “Quick/Rapid” solution vs. A “Regular” 8+ hour solution?

Is there a difference in color?

I know. Decisions! Decisions! Luckily, we got you covered. The ONLY difference between the two types of tanning options is the shower time. With the regular 8+ hour solution, you can shower any time after 8 hours. The tan stops developing at that point so you can sleep in it or shower at the 8 hour mark.  With the Quick/Rapid solution you must shower between 2-5 hours. This shower time is more dependent on your desired color and your natural skin tone.

Lucky for you, the spray tan technician will provide you with the time to shower, so no need to panic ☺

There is virtually no difference in our rapid and regular sunless solutions, but other companies and brands may tell you different.

Both colors will fully develop equally in 24 hours to their final color and will last the same…as long as you take care of them!

Why do some people look orange after they get a spray tan? Will that happen to me?

Orange. The dreaded word in the world of spray.

Orange is basically because of the over-processing of spray tan on the skin…meaning too dark of a tanning solution for the skin it’s being applied to or too much solution on the skin at one time.

Another reason that an orange hue can occur is because of the pH balance of your body, skin and aftercare products. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, drinking plenty of balanced water, and using pH balanced body washes and moisturizers is really important.

If you are looking for the perfect GLOW, we suggest seeking a sunless tanning professional. At Spray Studio, we mix and choose color based on the individual’s skin tone and desired color. One light coat is applied…so no feeling super sticky and gross. We also spray you first with a pH balancing spray to prep the skin for the tan. Spray Studio’s body care range is all balanced for the optimal sunless experience as well!

Your chances of ORANGE are 0% here.

What are the best products to use to maintain my glow?

So let me first start out by telling you what NOT to use. Many of the products on the market are full of Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Alcohol etc.  Our products are FREE of parabens, SLS, Petroleum By-Products, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol and Synthetic Dye and so much more. We constantly explain to our clients that you HAVE to moisturize…there’s no way around it! Sorry!

The tanning solution is only coloring the outer layer of skin and guess what?! We shed like snakes so you MUST keep your skin hydrated (drink water!)to avoid the skin from getting flaky and cracking.  We love creating the best in body care to enhance your beauty in and out of the sun. We stick with the vegan, all-natural and all around safe stuff for your body. We have worked for years with several different labs to formulate our product line. Every product has the right amount of plant extracts, organic oils and all natural ingredients to provide you with the best before and after tan care, as well as sunless products for when you don’t have time to get a tan in-studio.

Sulfates are no bueno in your body wash as well. They strip oils and moisture from the skin, therefore breaking down the tan as well. Opt for sulfate-free washes (gels are best) or handmade bar soaps.

If you eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle than why not have your body care at the top of your list, right!? You honestly have no idea the amount of crap they put into products to preserve shelf life.  It’s pretty damn disgusting☹.  At our salon in Sandy Springs, GA, our new clients always receive 50% off all our Spray Studio body care because it’s so important for everyone to use products that actually work.  

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