What’s In My Gym Bag? featuring ATL Trainer Jamaal Shields

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Below are my favorite items I keep in my gym bag at all times. As a personal trainer, I need to always prepared and ready to get my work on. Let’s dive in:

Jump Rope

One of my favorite forms of cardio! Can bring it with you anywhere you go and so many different ways to put it to use.

Powerbeats Wireless

Can’t get through a workout without some dope music! Whether you’re hitting a bag, sprints on a treadmill, or even a brisk walk around the city, a little rap will carry you to new heights


All you need is a carpet or hard wood floor and these bad boys can turn anything into a full body workout!

Hyperice Vyper 2.0

Top of the line vibrating foam roller that helps with recovery. I don’t go anywhere without it.


Rogue back Brave

Help relive pressure in my lower back when I’m doing power/ complex lifts.


Try you’re best to eat as clean and as often as you can (stay away from processed foods!)

If you’re looking to burn off some extra calories this winter and get into bikini/board shorts shape by summer, come see me at Barry’s Bootcamp! Fun, intense and effective!

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About The Author

Jamaal Shields is a native of Georgia, by way of Detroit. Growing up he played basketball, football, and track & field. He discovered the love of the fitness industry through having to go through physical therapy during his time at Richmond hill High School. From 2010 until 2014 Jamaal pursed a degree in Physical Therapy and was able to land his first instructing position. Since then he has had the opportunity to instruct classes at Primed, Blast, Flywheel Sports and Barry’s Bootcamp here in Atlanta.

“I quickly learned I love helping others reach what seem to be “unobtainable” goals. Getting people in shape and having fun doing it are what fuels me day in and out.”- Jamaal Shields

Instagram: @shields_atl


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