Hungry (and Healthy!) Girls Do It Better: Favorite Healthy Spots in ATL

As you all have probably realized, the Hungry Girls aren’t always the healthiest of girls, but this is something we are totally trying to work on… and we honestly have been for years, so it’s gotta click one of these days, right?? Okay, good, we think so too.

So when we do eat like the lean machines that we are (peep the sarcasm), we are #blessed enough to have enough healthy options around us to eat up every last one of our dollars. But hey, if we have to pay $14 for a pineapple smoothie in order to get one step closer to looking like Gigi/Bella, you know we’re gonna do it…

Speaking of smoothies, Detox is a definite go-to of ours.

Screenshot 2017-10-24 08.18.55.png

Incredible, juices, smoothies, wellness shots, and their chocolate milk is off the charts. They have multiple locations and we swear by their smoothies if you’re feeling a little hungover. Take a sip/drink the whole damn thang and you’ll be back to yourself in no time at all.

Screenshot 2017-10-24 08.17.16.png

As far as healthy solid food goes, we are all about the bowls these days. Whether it be poke, grain, kale, or acai—bowls are the move. Poke is probably at the top of the list right now, and we just discovered Poke City in Midtown, an awesome little hidden gem right across from Piedmont Park that nobody knows about… AKA you don’t have to deal with the kind of lines that you would at Upbeet. Side note—we absolutely LOVE Upbeet, too, but don’t go there if you’re in a rush because that line is nuts, yo. We recommend going there at odd hours to avoid the crowds and stock up on the Aloha, So Cali, and Eggcelent bowls but everything there is beyond delicious, so you’ll be safe with any of their menu items.

We’re constantly on the hunt for healthy options because if we have that in front of us, we’ll avoid hitting up our numero uno speed dial our Pizza Hut Daddy and that is key.

Who knows, maybe we’ll become @healthygirlsdoitbetter one day… but prob not if we’re being honest.


About The Authors

Hungry Girls Do It Better all started at the prestigious Florida State University, where we quickly discovered our passion for all things food related and WAA LA a friendship for the ages was created.  From there,  we graduated college, packed our bags and moved to the greatest city of all time, Atlanta.  We are constantly searching for a new adventure, and figured there was no better way to explore the city than through our mouths! Whether it be upscale or quick service dining [as long as its good, we eat it]. 


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