good4girls Charity Fitness Event Recap

Most Friday nights are spent cuddled on the couch with my dog, sipping a glass of wine and laying low after a long work week. On October 13th, I found myself at a nightclub, in my faux leather workout leggings, drinking healthy cocktails from Sama Food for Balance + KetelOne, leading a cardio dance class and feeling like Britney Spears herself. I want this to happen every Friday!

How do all of those things go together?

Good4girls Charity Fitness Rave was back in action raising funds for Girls on the Run Atlanta!

Don’t worry, I wasn’t there by myself. 130 of Atlanta’s most charitable fitness junkies, Cassie Young from The Bert Show, and 15 of the best boutique fitness studios joined me! We hit the braid bar for some killer hair with New York Fashion Week Stylists, the photo booth to document via .gif, and the glow bar to make it feel like Coachella. The live DJ mixed all the best girl power songs and the lighting and lasers made us feel like Beyonce. We were living our best lives!

Does it sound like the most amazing workout ever? That’s because it was, and I’m certain you have FOMO.

What is good4girls?

We put together fitness events to benefit local charities and organizations that benefit young girls and create confidence and achievement through health and wellness. As young girls grow, they have societal pressures to look and act a certain way, but certain organizations are helping to break that mold.

We’ve all felt those pressures, and still do, so we want to change the conversation from “I want to be skinny” to “I feel great and just accomplished this major goal!”

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You can get involved by volunteering to help us organize our annual Charity Fitness Rave, find sponsorships or donate your services to our cause. We have been able to raise over $13,000 for Girls on the Run Atlanta with our last 2 events, and only want to make it bigger and more impactful!

You can find more information about the event at and contact us with any questions! You can also follow us on Facebook at good4girls and Instagram/Twitter @dogood4girls!

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About the Author

Donna Burke is the Owner of FORME studios, CEO & Co-founder, good4girls, inc. who believes that all women should work together and collaborate instead of compete. Donna is a big believer that we should be the role models we needed as young girls carving a new path for the next generation.



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