A Horror Story About A Diamond Ring And Jewelry Tips from Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry

Look. Listen. I need to get something off my chest, but first, let’s start with a story—a true horror story, to be specific.

We had a Fit Atlanta event at SoulCycle not too long ago—it was spectacular. Olivia Bird (who will be speaking at The Fit Atlanta Fest!) lead the class and we had a candle ceremony honoring our beautiful attendees and the amazing Fit Atlanta community. While we we’re all waiting on going into class, I saw a girl wearing a rubber wedding band. I complimented her and said it was cute and I need one, too, for working out! She responded, “Oh I’m just wearing this because I broke my wedding ring while lifting weights.”
Styling diamonds on kettlebells is okay. Lifting kettlebells while wearing diamonds is not.

Styling diamonds on kettlebells is okay. Lifting kettlebells while wearing diamonds is not.

*cue jaw dropping all the way to the actual floor* My ears couldn’t believe it. I started having terror-flashes of breaking my ring and also my heart. Exercising in fine jewelry is a big “no-no”. Ladies + gents who wear fine jewelry, diamond rings, wedding bands, precious stones and metals—DO NOT, I BEG YOU, DO NOT workout or participate in any hot + sweaty situation in your gems.

If you’re guilty of this, don’t worry! Just stop while you’re at it and never look back.

We’ve teamed up with Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry in Buckhead, Atlanta to share how to care and protect your cherished pieces of jewelry:

Why you shouldn’t work out in your wedding rings and fine jewelry…

  1. The prongs holding your glistening diamonds in their places can get loose and cause a diamond to fall out and go missing. Worst nightmare! Especially if your diamonds are prong-set… do NOT even risk it. Solomon Brothers can keep your rings clean and also check the security of your prongs/setting!
  2. Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver—they are all beautiful but not created equally. Depending on the metal of your rings, the metal can dent, scratch, become dull—and sometimes there’s no going back once the damage is done, which can result in having to buy a new setting.
  3. You can break your ring(s) and/or setting. I’ve seen it happen. There are horror stories out there. Many. Don’t become one.

Solomon Brothers Fine Jewlery is everything!

Solomon Brothers Fine Jewlery is everything!

How to care for and protect your fine jewelry:

  1. Don’t shower or bathe in your jewelry. It won’t do major harm, but it’s just a good habit to take it all off—pun intended.
  2. Did you know diamonds are the hardest material on Earth? So hard they can, in fact, scratch other jewelry and even other diamonds! Store your pieces in their own separate cloth pouch to prevent unintended accidents.
  3. Don’t swim in your jewelry—chlorine in a pool can do some serious damage to the metals!
  4. Take your jewelry to Solomon Brothers for a deep cleaning. They can steam-clean your diamonds and wedding bands for FREE and make them shine like you never knew was possible (I personally go every 1-2 months to have mine cleaned.)
  5. Don’t sleep in your in your jewelry—especially if your diamonds are prong-set. It’s really easy for threads in blankets to snag and loosen the prongs.
  6. DON’T WORK OUT IN YOUR FINE JEWELRY. This can cause all the things to get dinged up, scratched, warped, or even broken. Noooooo don’t do it.
  7. Use the Solomon Brothers jewelry cleaning fluid at home weekly in between in-store cleanings!


The Solomon Brothers say…

“Every six months to a year, you should also have her ring cleaned by a jeweler. This will take care of any buildup you are unable to clean yourself. Here at Solomon Brothers we offer this service absolutely free! We can also check to make sure the prongs have not been bent or weakened and can ensure that the ring is kept in excellent condition.”

Let’s listen to the pros and do what they say. Promise? Instead of working out in your diamonds, have a glass of wine in them instead! 

Diamonds are forever—let’s keep it that way.

Solomon Brothers wants to help us all take care of our beautiful, beloved jewelry by cleaning your fine pieces for free (yup! Just walk in any time and ask for a cleaning!).


Solomon Brothers is also hooking up The Fit Atlanta community with 20% OFF on all in-stock jewelry!** Code: FITATL20

So while you get your rings and diamonds cleaned, browse the trendiest stackable pave diamond bands, eternity bands, stud earrings, tennis bracelets—everything is so gorgeous. And then save 20% by mentioning The Fit Atlanta!  Code: FITATL20

**Valid in-store on in-stock items only. Not valid for previous purchases, gift certificates, repairs, or loose diamonds. Cannot be combined with other promotions or specials. Certain designers excluded. See store for details.



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