Learn with Us: Insider Secrets from Atlanta Health and Nutrition Pros

On August 16, the second installment of our networking series, “Move Together ATL” went down at Sama Food For Balance. Since there is so much information out there regarding nutrition and diets, we decided to round up some local experts to straighten things out for us.

Sama was the perfect venue to host our first wellness & nutrition panel. All of the positive vibes were flowing, along with the bubbly—we’re all about balancing green juice and champagne!

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Our panelists are legit superstars, and BONUS—they are all local to Atlanta.

From left to right: Shannon Sliger (@samafooforbalance), Kristin Oja (@StatWellness), Liz Morrison (@lizashleyatl), Elizabeth Moyers (@hellospoonful), Megan Kober (@TheNutritionAddiction)

From left to right: Shannon Sliger (@samafooforbalance), Kristin Oja (@StatWellness), Liz Morrison (@lizashleyatl), Elizabeth Moyers (@hellospoonful), Megan Kober (@TheNutritionAddiction)

We were given all the insider tips you could want by:


Each woman shared both their personal and professional journeys with the crowd. Of course, they hit on a ton of wellness + nutrition topics, busted nutrition myths, and took specific questions from the audience. The panel was moderated by Liz Morrison, Founder of The Fit Atlanta.

If you couldn’t make it to the event, we forgive you. You have to come to our next one! In the meantime, we’re spilling some major tips from each lady boss from the panel:

“Calories are not created equal”- Kristin

It’s important to think of the nutrition in what you’re eating and not to focus on the calories. Think about it, you’re much better off, nutritionally, drinking a 400 calorie smoothie then a 400 calorie candy bar.

“Food does not have moral value.”- Elizabeth

What we eat does not define us. You are not a better person for eating a salad or donut. (Amen!)

“Keep a food journal.” – Shannon

When tackling anything from digestive issues, breakouts, or inflammation it’s important to keep a journal to know what foods you have a reaction to.

“When starting your wellness journey, think about what you can add to your plate rather than take away.”- Megan

Begin by adding leafy greens, more vegetables and fruits to your diet rather than removing all the things you love at once.


The main takeaway from the night and what each audience member walked away with was “Listen to your body.” Each panelist, in her own words, described this as being what you should strive to do every single day. Enough with the counting calories and food guilt. Eat what makes you feel good while making mindful, smart choice that fuel your body!

Beyond the panel, Kristin, Elizabeth, and Megan are currently accepting clients that are seeking a nutritionist. Or, if you just have more questions feel free to slide into the DMs You can find Shannon serving up some bomb bowls & smoothies at Sama Food For Balance.

We’ve love to see you at our next “Move Together ATL” event. Keep up with us on the gram and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a beat!

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