Creator of J. Dow Fitness Apparel Talks Business and Catering to the Body Type of Every Woman

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Meet Dr. Jacqueline Dow. She is an entrepreneur, research scientist, and women’s health advocate. A native of Chicago, Illinois, she holds a Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences from the University of Illinois, a Master of Science from Meharry Medical College, an Executive Certificate in Health Policy from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Doctor of Public Health from Morgan State University. Her dissertation research is entitled, “Maternal Body Mass Index Prior to Pregnancy and Risk of Preterm Birth among African American women of Reproductive Age.”

Not only is Dr. Jacqueline Dow highly acclaimed in education and career, she’s also the founder of J. Dow Fitness, an athleisure apparel line design for women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. We’re honored to have J. Dow Fitness and Dr. Jacqueline Dow pop-up at The Fit Atlanta Fest on October 21 for attendees to try-on and shop her gorgeous apparel! Now let’s get to know the woman behind the brand:

Let’s break the ice. What’s a fun fact about you?

I was born in Bremerhaven, Germany!

So neat! Now, we know you are not just beauty, but also brains + biz. Tell us a little more about you.

I serve as Research Scientist in the Battelle Corporation’s Public Health Research and Translational Science Resource Group. In this role, I am responsible for conducting extensive literature reviews, conducting qualitative and quantitative data collection, and statistical analysis regarding public health, health communication, health behavior, and evaluation studies.

Prior to joining Battelle, I served as the Director of Maternal & Child Health for March of Dimes Houston where I established a strategic plan for programs and activities designed to reduce the preterm birth rate in the greater Houston metropolitan area. I also served as Program Evaluator with the United States Army Institute of Public Health. In this position, I served as evaluation lead for multiple health education and promotion initiatives for Soldiers, Retirees, and Family Members Army-wide.

Tell us about your athleisure apparel line J. Dow Fitness.

J. Dow Fitness is an athleisure apparel company established to promote holistic wellness, fitness, and self-confidence among women.


Love that mission. Why did you feel the need to create an athleisure apparel line for women?

After receiving my Doctorate of Public Health degree, I wanted to create a unique platform to highlight the importance of women’s health. Although the main focus is currently athleisure apparel, J. Dow Fitness will expand to provide healthy recipes and physical activity routines. Our ultimate goal is to promote physical activity, proper nutrition, and the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors among women.

What makes J. Dow Fitness different from the rest?

J. Dow Fitness offers unique athleisure apparel different from any other company.  Our leggings are high-waist and provide amazing tummy control. Our sports bras are longer when compared to traditional sports bras and provide great support. In addition, our athleisure apparel offers bright colors, fun patterns, and quality fabric.

Yes, we LOVE your patterns and fabric. How did you get started in business?

As I prepared for my doctoral graduation, I reached an interesting period in my career.  As an employee, I did not have the freedom to focus on my passion and professional expertise, which is women’s health. As a result, I took the steps necessary to take my destiny into my own hands, and created J. Dow Fitness, LLC. In the beginning, I conducted a significant amount of research aimed to assess current athleisure apparel and worked to identify gaps and limitations.

Describe some of your challenges, blessings, etc. while owning a business.

As expected when starting any business, there were challenges experienced along the way. However, I’m fortunate in that my blessings have significantly outweighed any challenges I have experienced.  Since launching in July 2018, J. Dow Fitness athleisure apparel has primarily been sold online at  However, J. Dow Fitness has also been showcased are large events such as The Black Women’s Expo and Pretty Girls Sweat Fest.

And now we’re so excited to have J. Dow Fitness at The Fit Atlanta Fest! Who is J. Dow Fitness apparel for?

J. Dow Fitness was established to provide athleisure apparel for all women regardless of body type. Our athleisure apparel ranges from size small to 2 XL. It is our goal to always provide athleisure apparel that caters to the body type of every woman.


Do you have advice for someone interested in a career in the health + wellness industry, starting an apparel line, etc?

Take the time to identify the ways in which your company, brand, product, and services will be different when compared to what is currently being offered.

Identify the marketing and advertising strategies that are most effective for your business.

Develop and create an authentic following.

What are your tips + tricks for marketing and branding your business? Your photography is great!

Take the time to identify the vision for your brand.  Once the vision has been established, all marketing, advertising, and product presentation should compliment the vision established for your brand.

What is your favorite self-care routine?

Exercise is my personal stress reliever.  Despite how busy things get with being a wife, managing a new business, or other obligations, I always take the time to enjoy physical activity 3-5 times each week.

Fill in the blank: Once a week I like to ____.

I enjoy an indoor cycling class at least once a week.

What is your go-to workout?

Can’t live without a 3-4 mile run.

Finally, how do you balance it all?



-Self Care

-Time Management

Come hang out with J. Dow Fitness and Dr. Jacqueline Dow at The Fit Atlanta Fest on October 21 at Ambient Plus Studio!

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