The 7 Best Gyms and Studios in Atlanta for a Great Workout

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Atlanta is full of standard, big box gyms, but it’s also home to some incredible smaller gyms and studios.

Get your workout on at one of these top 7 gyms and studios in Atlanta!

Peachy Cheeks Fitness

Thanks to these — I’m gonna say it — unprecedented times, working outside and from the comfort of your home is on the rise.

Peachy Cheeks Fitness has definitely perfected the outdoor workout (as well as the virtual workout).

Join a workout class at Chastain Park Hilltop Fields or from your own living room. Either way, you’ll get an awesome workout that best suits your needs. Choose from a low-impact, yoga flow, a HIIT workout, or something in between!

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Shred 415

With multiple locations in and around Atlanta, get a workout that combines cardio and strength training for their signature workout intervals – four rounds of 15 minutes.

These aren’t one-size-fits-all workouts — the instructors at Shred 415 encourage you to go at your own speed for your experience and skill level.

You’ll alternate between treadmills and floor work, and your trainer will be there to encourage you, coach you, and help you through personalized modifications so you get the most out of every class.

And one of the best parts? You’ll burn between 500 and 1200 calories per class!

Plus, they offer a kid’s lounge and childcare so you can have your class time to yourself, worry free.

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Clarity Fitness

Clarity Fitness is over all of the negative talk and constant pressure of dieting and exercising. In fact, they’re all about body positivity and celebrating where your body is at today!

They believe health and weight loss are not synonymous, and even better, they’ll help you find a workout you’ll enjoy.

Clarity Fitness offers a variety of classes so you’ll definitely find one that you actually like. Choose from yoga and stretching classes to HIIT and bootcamp classes!

Plus, they also have 30 minute or hour long virtual or in-person personal training services. And all of their coaches will hold you accountable in a fun, encouraging, and positive way (no shaming here!).

And if you’re not sure you’re ready to head into a studio space yet, they’ve got online programs for you, too. Choose from a 12 week conditioning program, a 12 week form foundations program, and more.

The Daily

If you’re ready to stand taller, move smarter, and feel better in your body, then you need to head to The Daily.

This Atlanta reformer pilates and group fitness studio combines traditional pilates with dynamic strength training. And their workouts are challenging without the intimidating gym factor — The Daily welcomes everyone!

Coaches give you quality instruction, regardless of skill level. Plus the small class sizes, beautiful workout spaces, and strong focus on form and alignment mean you’ll get an excellent workout, even if you’ve never seen a reformer in person before.

If you’re brand new to using a pilates reformer, The Daily in Atlanta offers a 50-minute class designed specifically for you (or for those looking for a slower paced class). This beginner friendly, low impact class will introduce you to the reformer while still building strength, improving flexibility, and releasing stress.

And if you’re a seasoned pro, Sculpt (their signature class) combines the most effective classical techniques with modern sports science. This class includes 50 minutes of lengthening, muscle shaking routines. And they’re all choreographed to jamming music for a fun workout.

Like some of the other studios in Atlanta on this list, The Daily is also offering an online program. You can purchase their four week get fit program and workout from your living room (or wherever you’d like!).

The Daily.png

Bring It Om Yoga

Located in Buckhead, Bring It Om Yoga Studio offers a creative “industrial chic” space reminiscent of the yoga studios in NYC and LA.

Plus, infrared heaters are positioned across the room to create a perfect environment to connect mindful breath and movement. Each class is heated to allow for proper muscle warmup and a great body detox.

Choose from their Power Flow or Advanced Power Flow classes to strengthen, stretch, and restore your body. These two classes are heated to 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Or, if you’re really looking for some hot yoga, go for their Hot Flow class, which is heated to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. This class is designed for both first timers and yoga veterans!

And if you’re looking for something a little more meditative, choose the Restorative Flow class. Heated to a chilly (at least for Bring It Om) 80-85 degrees, this class uses low-impact poses to give you more of a meditation style class.

Pepper Boxing Studio

If you’re looking for a workout that will kick your butt while making you feel like a bada**, take a class at Pepper Boxing Studio.

Their guided workouts feature high-energy music, elements of boxing (both shadow work and heavy bag work), and weighted bar exercises to give you a full body workout.

Each of these 50 minute long classes use Pepper Boxing Studio’s unique tear-drop shaped, water filled bags. These bags weigh about 190 pounds and offer great shock absorption and less swinging so you can get a safe and effective boxing workout.

And, classrooms are designed in a circle so you never lose sight of your instructor or their expert guidance!

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pepper boxing.jpg

Now, we have nothing against those big box gyms. But if you think that’s all you can get when it comes to a workout, think again!

These 7 best gyms and studios in Atlanta prove that an amazing workout doesn’t need to come from the same old traditional gym.

Did we miss one of the best gyms or studios in Atlanta? Leave it in a comment below! 

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