Biohacking 101: Optimize Your Health and Performance to Upgrade Your Life

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In our fast-paced modern society, we’re always looking for new ways to get ahead, be faster, more efficient, smarter, more focused… well, there is a hack for that! Well, actually, there is a BIOHACK for that!

New to biohacking? Here’s a definition According to Webster’s Dictionary:


  • biological experimentation done to improve the qualities or capabilities of living organisms especially by individuals and groups working outside a traditional medical or scientific research environment


  • somebody who uses science and technology to make his or her body function better and more efficiently.

Here is my definition:

Making intentional changes to your internal or external environment to control your biology for specific desired outcomes.

A very simple example of this is using coffee to increase your energy:

Before coffee = tired, foggy, unfocused

After coffee = energized and alert

The only difference between the before and after is that something was added to your internal environment, which resulted in the outcome that you desired.

Tap into your most abundant resource

All high performers have one thing in common – they take full advantage of the resources that they have access to. Your body and mind are the greatest and most powerful resources that you have, so CASH IN! Your body and mind have so much untapped potential and biohacking is one way to tap into it.

Think about a high performance car – you would never put regular unleaded fuel in it, right? You know that the car will not perform at optimum level unless you supply it with quality fuel. Your body is the same way, it needs high quality inputs – not just food – to be healthy and function at a high level. It boils down to adjusting your environment (inputs) to “hack” your biology to get the outcomes (outputs) that you desire.

Start biohacking now!

Biohacking doesn’t have to be complicated. There are some simple ways to start tapping into your biological potential today!


Photo by @peachonomics

Photo by @peachonomics

1. Assess your internal environment: Is the food that you eat fueling and energizing your body?

Suggested biohack: eliminate refined sugar and processed foods

Are the thoughts in your mind healthy?

Suggested biohack: change your inner dialog to a healthier one – i.e. practice daily gratitude for

the good things in your life

Is your body getting enough movement?

Suggested biohack: intentionally move for 30 mins every day – i.e. walk, workout, bike, dance

Are you getting enough sleep?

Suggested biohack: get 7-9 hours of sleep per night to give your body time to fully recover

Photo by @kate.lavie

Photo by @kate.lavie

2. Assess your external environment: Do you like the place where you spend the most time?

Suggested biohack: make your home or workspace more inviting – i.e. clean it, decorate it, make it smell good with oils or candles, liven it up with some music

Do you spend time with people that inspire you and bring you joy?

Suggested biohack: find a mentor or tribe that shares your passions and makes you feel good

Are you exposed to toxins and pollutants?

Suggested biohack: use air filters and filter your water or drink natural spring water

Are you often in stressful situations?

Suggested biohack: take a little time for yourself each day to relax, meditate and practice self-care

Once you’ve mastered these holistic, lifestyle-based biohacks, you are ready to take your biohacking to the next level! For more biohacking inspiration and other useful health and wellness tips visit @BioCurious_Kayla on Instagram!

Kayla O highres.jpegAbout the author

Kayla Osterhoff, BSc, MPH, Doctoral Student Mind Body Medicine

Kayla is a Health Scientist by trade, and a Biohacking- Functional Health and Wellness Coach by passion! She helps her clients harness the power of their biology to upgrade and optimize their lives! Her curiosity about the human body lead her to dedicate her life to researching human biology and finding new ways to optimize human performance. Through her research and training, she’s gained expertise and a unique skill set in biohacking, nutrition, mental health, and fitness that she integrates into holistic health and wellness practices. You can learn more at

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