Fast + Healthy Dinner Meals For The Girl On The Go

I love to cook meals from scratch. I’m, like, a chef of sorts.

Macaroni and cheese with broccoli, smoothies, pasta, chicken and veggie dinners, etc. All about it.

Too bad I have like 2% extra time during the week to cook—I already get my groceries delivered! Seriously, there’s nothing like ordering our food online and having it delivered straight to our doorstep. Efficiency and multitasking are my favorite words—so if I can get groceries online and save time to do other things, sign me up.

Cooking healthy meals is so important to me, and with our wedding coming up, I’m really trying to make sure my husband and I are eating lots of vegetables, proteins, and consuming antioxidants. So yeah, having groceries delivered is cool, and that’s one thing.

But having pre-measured, locally sourced, fresh ingredients delivered with an easy-to-follow recipe is heaven. 

PeachDish is a fresh meal delivery service that delivers ingredients + a locally crafted recipe straight to your door. Each week the menu changes, so you’ll never get the same meal twice. I personally love that there’s a meal for every kind of eater—vegetarian + gluten-free options included.

They have super simple recipe cards that come with each meal, pre-measured ingredients, step-by-step preparation instructions with pictures (just in case you literally have no idea what to do in a kitchen)—oh! and you have no excuse not to eat a fun, healthy meal each week because Peach Dish offers a SUBSCRIPTION service.

YUP, so you can choose your meals weeks ahead (because planning in advance is everything) have it delivered straight to your door like clockwork. Because who has time to worry about food all the time? No thanks. It’s so worth it.


If you ever want to skip a week if you’re going out of town (or you may start feeling crafty and want to cook your own recipe!) you can log in your account and skip the weeks you don’t want delivery.


I ordered 2 meals to try and I was so in awe of the whole ingredient/recipe/meal situation. I ordered the Beef and Vegetable Soup meal for 2 and Butternut Squash & Three-Bean SuperFood Chili with Roasted Red Pepper & Crema for 2. My husband said the soup is the best he’s ever had and I’m such a good cook 😉 #WifeyWins
I feel so legit after cooking with PeachDish because it makes me feel like an actual chef. I have never made soup or chili of any kind before trying these recipes. Now I feel like if you give baby girl (me) some veggies and a pot I can make a whole big batch for the neighborhood. Confident cook right here. Trying to not let it get to my head??? But, skills…

If you’re in a bind trying to figure out what you want to cook for the holidays—PeachDish has multiple family dinner meal options and delicious sides that they can deliver to you—all you have to do is follow the easy recipe and work that chef magic. So start prepping by checking out their upcoming menus HERE.

Because I can’t tell you about something life-changing without hooking you up (I love a good deal), you can get
$15 off your order at PeachDish anytime with code LIZATL15


So go scoop it up and get your chef hat and fool all your family and friends!


xxx this post is in collaboration with PeachDish. As always, opinions are my own. xoxo




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