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Clarity Fitness is Georgia’s first body positive fitness center! We’re here to help people find a fitness routine that they truly enjoy. We believe that you are more than enough as you are, and when we workout from a place of care and respect for our bodies, instead of judgement or hate towards them, we’re able to find fitness in a sustainable, flexible, fun, and truly healthy way!

Studio Stats

Neighborhood: DeVry University

Owner: Abbey Griffith

Address: 1 W Ct Square Suite 100, Decatur GA 30030

Phone: (216) 245-3965

Hours: Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 7 PM l Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Abbey Griffith Owner of Clarity Fitness

Abbey Griffith Owner of Clarity Fitness

What makes your studio stand out from others?

When you walk into our studio, you’ll see our massive wall of smashed scales right when you come in. The number on the scale isn’t a holistic metric to determine your health, and when we can learn to be in tune with how we feel, what we enjoy, and what wellness looks like on our own terms, that’s a win! We hope you can walk into our studio, and feel that you’re in a safe space, free of judgement from your own mind!

How long has your studio been in business?

Clarity Fitness opened January 6, 2020

What kind of classes do you offer at your studio?

Because of COVID, we’re building up our online fitness repertoire by launching Clarity Online, our subscription based mental health and fitness platform in January 2021! Our Clarity Online (and one day back in person!) group class options include Body Positive Bootcamp, HIITing on Clarity, Form Meets Flow Yoga, Stretch + Refresh, Movement Meditation, TRX, Functional Fitness, Upper Body Strength, Walking Club, and a variety of dance classes!

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What results can clients expect from your workout?

Our clients can expect to feel better in the skin they’re in from the moment they walk into the door. We want to show you that your body is an amazing, powerful, and worthy thing, regardless of the number on the scale or the size of your pants! You don’t need to beat yourself down, workout to the point of exhaustion, or put yourself through anything food or fitness related that doesn’t build you up to be healthy. You’re already more than enough in our eyes, and we will help you see that, too!

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops we should know about?

We host monthly webinars and events to make sure we’re bringing attention to that empowerment message that allows Clarity Fitness to stand apart from the rest! We bring in doctors, physical therapists, body positive activists, mental health professionals, nutritionists, and of course our awesome team members to host events, pop up workouts, and get you the information and community events you need to stay engaged and up to date on sustainable, flexible, and fun wellness. You can check out our webinars and events on our website,, and stay in the know by following us on social media @ClarityDecatur.

Have you ever had any celebrity sightings in your studio? Give us the scoop!
Cameron and Lauren from MTV’s Love is Blind are our local celebs! They’ve been incredibly supportive of Decatur businesses, and Cameron even shouted out our facility in a picture on his Instagram before we were done with construction. Check out the picture where he’s sitting on the tire on his page!

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How do you give back to the community? 

Clarity is strongly involved with EDIN and NAACP, and will continue to support St. Jude, our owner’s sorority’s philanthropy. We have been active in community events like peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, support events and members of the Decatur Active Living Board, and Decatur Business Association, and will remain active in conversations and outreach efforts about human rights, inclusivity, diversity, and self acceptance regardless of shape, size, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ability, and what makes each of us uniquely amazing as we are.

What should a first-time client know before attending class?

Clarity Fitness is here to let you be you. Shake off the pressure, judgey voice in your head, and anything holding you back from showing up as the biggest, brightest, truest version of yourself! Have fun, go at your own pace, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and make a friend or two 🙂

Any big plans for the future for your studio?

Clarity Fitness is always finding innovative ways to deliver healthy, fun and body positive workouts. We will have more than one location in the near future, and are here to help you find fitness whether you’re around the corner or across the world. We’ll continue to develop our online and in person offerings of personal training, classes, education, community engagement, and memberships, and can’t wait to watch the fitness world continue to move in the direction of body positivity and inclusion!

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