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The Only Circle Layout In The World

Dimmed lighting and thumping music set the intensity level and mood within the bag room. Individually numbered teardrop water filled heavy bags have been custom-built for the Pepper Boxing experience; one dedicated bag per client — no doubling up.

The heavy bags have been configured to create a circle with one bag in the middle. Your coach will be front and center to every participant. Our athletes will have the luxury of emulating their highly capable instructor over an inexperienced neighbor. “Your” individual space and privacy ensures the finest workout you’ve ever had.

Studio Stats

Neighborhood: The Battery

Owner: Alexander Kaufman

Address: 925 Battery Ave SE Unit 1150 Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone: (678) 402 – 7721

Hours: Mon/Wed/Frid: 5:30 AM – 7:50 PM l Tues/Thur: 5:30 AM – 8:35 PM l Sat + Sun: 8:30 AM – 1:20 PM

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What makes your studio stand out from others?

Our signature 50 min group class combines shadowboxing (no contact), heavy bag combinations (with our unique teardrop style bags), weighted bar exercises (upper and lower body movements) with intense training intervals led by professional instructors. All movements are paired with high-energy music that inspires and motivates; always without fighting or physical contact. A dimly-lit studio environment promotes focus within one’s own personal space. Because our coaches conduct the classes in the center of our circular bag layout, the participant will always have “eyes” on their coach. Space and proper technique is no longer an issue, as the client will always have someone to emulate.

How long has your studio been in business?

The brand started June 2017 in Nashville TN. Pepper Boxing Atlanta opened its doors June 2019 in The Battery.

What kind of classes do you offer at your studio?

We offer fitness based boxing classes with zero contact. Classes are broken down in to 3 parts. Boxing (Cardio) / Weights (Toning) / Boxing (Cardio). All levels are always welcome.


What results can clients expect from your workout?

Our clients are likely to experience improvements in muscle tone (without bulking), lower stress levels, enhanced cardiovascular endurance, improved coordination and self confidence, core strength, bone and ligament strength, lower body fat percentage + so much more!

Are there any upcoming special events or workshops we should know about?

Pepper Boxing is teaming with Fit Atlanta In November / December and January for an exclusive charity class each month. Proceeds will go to a different cause each event.

Have you ever had any celebrity sightings in your studio? Give us the scoop!

We have. Athletes and celebs come in all the time. Pepper Boxing is a “safe” place. We don’t kiss and tell – Sorry 🙂

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What should a first-time client know before attending class?


EXPECT TO SWEAT: Dress in the appropriate attire. Hydrate before and after class – it’ll help when pushing through tough intervals and recovering post workout.

UPON ARRIVAL: We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled class. Check-in with the front desk & cross out your name on the sign-in sheet. There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed when class is starting. *Please note that heavy bags will be given away promptly at the start of class to waitlist clients. Exceedingly late arrivals become disruptive to the instructor and other clients, please see booking guidelines below for tardiness and cancellation policies.

GEAR: We offer custom Quick Wraps and custom Leather Boxing Gloves to our clients. Simply drop your gear in the bin post session and we will sanitize to insure cleanliness. Boxers also have the option to buy their own Quick Wraps and Gloves should they desire.

Feel free to Bring Your Own Gloves and Wraps (12-16oz recommended.)

We are here to help and we’re happy to show you around our studio and take you to your numbered bag for class. We love answering questions and helping with last minute equipment and bag setup, so don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Any big plans for the future for your studio?

Expanding. We are officially a franchise. We hope to grow that portion of the business and open more corporate owned Peppers simultaneously. The future is bright.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our clients and staff.

Without you all – none of this would be possible.

A special thank you to Liz from The Fit Atlanta for setting up this interview.


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