I Signed Up for an Energy Session with Vibe Elevated – Here’s What I Learned

We’re always told to head to the doctor if something feels “off” about our bodies. But, we’re never really told that WE should be listening to our bodies ourselves.

I just recently did an energy session with Sarah, the founder of Vibe Elevated, and she taught me all about our bodies’ energies and even how to listen to my intuition. So, here’s what you need to know about energy sessions, whether you’ve already booked your first appointment, or you’re just curious about what it is!

What Is an Energy Session

Before anything else, I want to tell you what an energy session even is. It can actually entail a combination of different things! An energy session can be an energy reading, an assessment of your own energies, it can be energy work through a distance reiki, or it can even be an energy consultation.


And all of those can be used for different things, like navigating the vastly different dynamics at work, with family, or with your spouse.

Or it can be a way to channel your energy to help move you through times of stress. It can even be a way of getting to the root of an internal problem and helping shift a repetitive thought pattern that’s causing disruptions in your life.

Basically, an energy session can be used for a ton of different things, and it can help you in your day to day life in SO many different ways.

via Vibe Elevated

Who is Sarah, and What Did She Teach Me?

Sarah at Vibe Elevated is an emotional intelligence and energy expert. She works with clients from all over the world, helping people develop a greater emotional awareness, specifically dealing with the energies in our own bodies.

Sarah, Vibe Elevated

Sarah, Vibe Elevated

She believes that, although we can’t control what happens in our day to day lives, we can control how we choose to respond. And learning more about the energies in our bodies can help us do that. And that’s exactly what Sarah taught me during our energy session.

She reminded me that, while we aren’t often told to listen to our bodies, all of the energies that circulate through and around our bodies is completely natural. Ultimately, the session was a mind, heart, and body learning experience.

I gained so much insight and clarity when it comes to my own chakras and energies. I seriously recommend booking a session with Sarah! It’s a completely worthwhile experience that will bring an incredible amount of knowledge and insight into your life.


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