MAJOR SCOOP: AKT Fitness is Coming to Atlanta. Here’s What You Need To Know

Exciting news, AKT is coming to Atlanta! Franchise owner and new mom, Samantha Cox shares what she loves most about the workout, why it has been such an important part of her pre, during and post-pregnancy routine, and why she is so excited to bring AKT to Atlanta.

Samantha Cox and business partner Suzanne Fischer are preparing to open 3 AKT studios in Atlanta with their first studio to open in the Inman Park neighborhood within the coming months.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Samantha welcomed her baby girl, Johnnie Fae Cox, born on April 10th. Embarking on her last few weeks of being pregnant while in quarantine, Samatha continued taking regular AKT classes on AKT’s online platform, AKT GO.

Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT

Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT


Developed by celebrity trainer, Anna Kaiser, AKT is a dance-based concept, deeply rooted in movement and positive energy.

Fueled by positivity and a belief that movement has a powerful, lasting impact, AKT is for all body types and fitness levels.

With Mother’s Day upon us, we asked Samantha a few questions related to working out while pregnant:

  1. Did you do AKT before you became pregnant? 

    Yes! Ever since taking my first AKT class back in 2018 with the queen Anna Kaiser herself, I’ve been hooked on all 4 class formats.

  2. What are the best classes for pregnant women? 

    I think all 4 class formats can easily be modified for the pregnant body.  I took advantage of the different formats based on how I felt each trimester. During my first trimester, I was sick pretty much all day, so when I did feel up for a workout, I gravitated towards Circuit because it was quick and efficient, typically lasting 30-40 minutes. During my second trimester, my morning/all-day sickness passed and I experienced a renewed burst of energy, so I started taking more bands and dance classes. I loved the energy that cardio gave me during these months, and I was able to modify movements to make them low impact based on how I felt each day.

    During my last trimester, I experienced a bit of hip pain from baby girl’s positioning (she was breech almost my whole pregnancy!) so I started taking more Tone classes. While low impact, these classes got my heart rate up to a safe level and I credit those movements with how quickly I have been able to reconnect with my pelvic floor and core muscles even just three weeks after my C-section birth. I can’t wait to take AKT after I’m cleared by my doctor to workout again! With focusing on low impact movements during my recovery, I think I’ll start out with a Tone class.

  3. How has AKT and this type of workout helped you get through your pregnancy? 

    AKT gave me something to look forward to each day that was for me and me alone. Pregnancy can be a scary time with so many changes happening to your body that feel beyond your control. I loved that I could still control the way I chose to move my body each day. AKT’s 4 class options made it easy to continue to look forward to each workout even when I was feeling tired or sore because I got to choose which type of class I took.

  4. What are you most looking forward to when opening your new AKT studio? 

    I can’t wait to get to take AKT EVERYDAY in the studio! While I’ve loved the flexibility of working out from home while we build out the studio, I just can’t wait to dance with our amazing Atlanta community live and in-person.

    I also can’t wait to introduce Atlanta to our badass teaching and management teams. We have a loaded roster of teachers with incredible fitness and dance backgrounds, and I look forward to watching them shine!

AKT is eager to open; however, they want to ensure they are taking proper precautions to ensure client and staff safety. For more information and updates of their summer opening, please check out

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